Saturday, January 12, 2008

I kid you not

Today the boy and I went across to play with our neighbor, Mary. Mary has claimed since the boy's birth that she's his favorite neighbor, and I now believe it to be true. They laugh and scream and play together, and she wears him as a "baby hat." It's adorable. Oh - Mary's not an infant; I'd put her mid-late 40s. Anyway, we played for half an hour or so with Mary, and then her jokes weren't quite as funny, which meant he was tired.

I scooped up boy and sippy cup, and inside we went. I happened to glance at the clock as we walked in, because I have much to do today (leaving for vaca tomorrow morning!). 1:12. I wiped his nose, put some cream on his cheeks, found the bink, and laid down on the couch with him on top of me for his nap. I waited until he was good and asleep before I got up. Glanced at the clock again then. 1:15. Seriously, 1:15.

A couple of days ago he was playing with me in the living room and my jokes got not quite as funny, so I knew he was tired. Obviously, it couldn't have been my jokes. I tried to hold him to go to sleep, but that angered him, so I sat on the couch with him, and he fell asleep in a little heap on the couch pretty immediately.

I am what you would call "a good sleeper." To this day I can sleep about anywhere - obvious places like a hammock or a beach, and also not-so-obvious places like on the floor of a friend's house while they play with their son nearby, on a noisy plane or in a car - pretty much anywhere. I also can take solid naps and still sleep well at night, and I can sleep in with the best of 'em. I think my son's got me beat, though - from playing to dead asleep in a span of five or fewer minutes. Excellent!

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