Monday, January 14, 2008


There's something about being in a warm place when it's cold at home that's particularly satisfying to me. Not to brag, but last night I ate dinner in an open-air restaurant right on the water. It was 78 degrees with a little bit of warm breeze. My Dear Hubby had wonderous, fresh seafood, and my son flirted with every dark-haired girl he could find. (That's his M.O. - find a dark-haired girl, usually pretty, and flirt shamelessly with her. If you can, turn around in your seat, even, and really distract her from her own meal.) It was warm and happy, and all-around good.

In the last two days we've had first airplane and first swimming pool; the former went more swimmingly, which is odd. I hate to jinx the trip home, but Little Man was an angel - he fell asleep as I held him during takeoff (literally--just as we were pulling off the ground) and slept on the seat next to me until mid-descent. The parents of a 4 1/2-month-old behind us weren't as fortunate, and we felt a little sorry for them as people complimented us on our well-behaved boy as we got off the plane not knowing that they were behind us. The swimming pool today was a little less auspicious. It was a little chilly, and he had just endured being slathered with SPF 50 sunblock, which may have put him off a little. Also, he needs shades as he refuses to wear any hat, and the sun was brighter than he's used to. Still, there were a few minutes of giggly fun, which are enough for Mommy. We'll try again tomorrow - there are plenty of pools and beaches in the Florida Keys, so I doubt we'll have trouble trying again.

Would someone please remind me why we live in the midwest?

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