Wednesday, November 14, 2007

yes sir, yes sir - three bags full

The latest is that the boy talks. He's extremely expressive and very clear in his message. The problem that I didn't anticipate is that I don't understand him because he does all this with one word - ba. "Uh-ba-ba-baaa-ba-ba-b-ba." Imagine this with lots of tone inflection and very dramatic facial expressions.

The result of all this is that my son tells me very precisely (and expressively, as noted) what he believes he lacks. I, however, am inadequate in my response because I don't speak "ba." He then repeats his appeal in an even more dramatic and appealing manner. I generally try a few things that I think he might be referring to, and his frustration increases because he's obviously been saddled with a mother who doesn't know her head from a hole in the ground.

Another unfortunate characteristic of this whole procedure is that, some time between the first pleadings and my accidentally stumbling across the solution to the issue at hand, it will inevitablly become first adorable and then funny to me. Not the fact that there's a problem; I'm not sadistic. However, watching a beautiful child giving an Oscar-worthy performance using just "ba" is a pretty entertaining undertaking. Full points to him for performance - really, I cannot do it justice in words, especially given that I'm deficient in translation skills. Already the boy recognizes when people are laughing at him rather than with him (how is this possible at 8 months? Another day...), so I do my best not to laugh. Sometimes I succeed.

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