Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A lot can happen in three weeks


In the last three weeks, the boy has gone from beginning to try foods to eating actual foods sitting in his high chair like a big boy. He's gone from sitting in his Bumbo seat to crawling out of it and crawling generally. He's got a cool technique that I hadn't seen before but his teacher says is fairly common, in which he kind of drags one leg behind him straight-ish. He's pulled up to standing, and two days ago he actually Stood Up. He Stood Up! He'll be 8 months old on Tuesday, and I have a feeling the days of the non-baby-proofed house are gone. Much work to do. He has four teeth and loves, loves, loves to bite things with them. It's a whole new world at our house in the last three weeks.

My husband is at an entirely different job now - he started a new gig on Monday. Very exciting. Much to do.

My little business has gone from merely a dream to signing its first customer today. We're official!! I have a partner and two employees, which makes me very nervous and also very excited. I don't mind putting my own earnings on the line, but I take seriously putting others' there. However, it seems as though the pieces are coming together, and coming together pretty quickly. Very exciting. Much to do.

Are you noticing a theme here?

If you know a way either to add more hours to a day or become even more ultra-efficient than usual, would you fill me in? In fact, perhaps I should bag my current business plan and work on that, because if I were able to solve that, any financial worries would dissolve immediately! I'll put that on the list - one more thing to do. Very exciting.

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