Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reason #952

And another thing I love about watching my Little Man as he grows and figures things out (as though there aren't enough). He's best at doing things when he doesn't know it. This proves my theory, to me at least, that he's got all the skills to crawl (and some other things) but doesn't know how to put them together. If he thinks about it and tries to crawl, no go--he just thinks about it, though you can see the wheels turning. If he doesn't think about it, well, that's a different story. Last night he was actually starting to crawl toward Daddy because he was excited to see him, but then he seemed to be aware all at once of what he was doing, and was unable to keep going. He ended up on his belly (which never makes him happy), and then sitting up again making "pick me up" noises.

In case you're wondering, his "pick me up" noises are nothing like the "pick me up" noises I've heard in various bars. His do, however, involve extra cuteness, if that's possible. He grins at you and waits for you to make eye contact. If you don't recognize his efforts, he slowly cocks his head to one side until it's parallel with the floor, and he never breaks his gaze at you, complete with hopeful grin. How do they learn the "cute" so early? I digress.

Similarly, he pulled himself up to standing twice the other day because he was in the midst of playing and didn't realize that he'd done it. All of a sudden he was standing there playing with his exersaucer from the outside of it, rather than standing in the middle. Normally, however, he can't pull up on things, or thinks he can't. I find it interesting that we can get in our own way so early.

As you can deduce, we're on the very precipice of mobility. Is the house ready? No. Do we have baby gates? No. Have we put breakables out of reach? No. Bumpers on sharp edges? Nope - not a one. There are, however, some safety gizmos in the sockets. It's a start.

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