Thursday, October 18, 2007

Barflies--no, Butterflies

We are social butterflies, my son and I. Today I took him to a bar. I've always said I wouldn't be the mom who took her kids to bars, and today I took my son to a bar. In my defense, it was a gorgeous evening, and we sat outside on the patio with some friends, one of whom was back from out of town. There weren't many people, there was no smoking, and we didn't run into any too drunk people until we were leaving. The boy was a big hit, too - he had brought his cute and his flirt with him; he's irresistable when he's got all that in tow. We wore him out - I think he was sleeping before we made it out of the parking lot.

Back to being social butterflies, though. Tomorrow night we're traveling out of town with Daddy for a get-together (including lots of kids for him to play with), then home Saturday and another date for Little Man and me with some of my friends. Sunday we travel out of town again to visit Daddy's family for a few days, and you can only begin to imagine the socializing there.

Is what we're doing day to day important? No - you don't know these people (or us). However, what I think is a big step is that we're getting out and doing things. I didn't notice at first, but it's taken me awhile to get out since LM. It's not that I don't want him out, but I get so wrapped up in details that it's hard to take the time to make the phone calls, to make plans. I'm growing into my position as a mom, though, and getting better at it (hopefully I'll keep getting better at it - I'm still pretty new). I miss everyone, though, so I'm making a sincere effort - I'm normally the instigator of plans and get-togethers, so many of us have fallen out of touch since my boy's arrival, and not just me and my friends, but my friends and each other, too, which I find very sad. Recently, then, I've been making lots of plans so that we can keep the connections that are important.

I know that this being busy will make time fly even faster, which is a little hard to comprehend. Therein lies the quandry - I could try not to do much so that time would slow down, but then I'm not really taking advantage of what little time I have. On the other hand, I could try to take advantage of that time, which will make neat memories, but the time will speed up - is that possible? How does everyone else do this? Does everyone else blink and a month has passed?

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