Monday, August 13, 2012

little man

My gorgeous sweetheart love angel,

I am clear.  I know that your growing up is part of this deal.  I remember feeling like others might not understand when I was little.  You are growing up.  You should.  You must.  I want you to.

I try my best, but I'm not good at it, not to long for the you who's gone while the you who's here is right here for me to appreciate and snuggle.  It's hard.  You're my only you, and honestly, you're spectacular.

You are bright, inventive, curious, involved, funny, loving, appreciative, thoughtful--as well as I know you, you constantly surprise me.  You take the right things seriously and have fun as much as possible; we could all learn a thing or two from that approach. 

As you know, I find you completely irresistible.  I'm also terrible at not showering you with affection; I'm working on it, I promise.  As you're inevitably growing up, I feel the window for such showering closing.  I believe there will be a day when you might not want to be seen with me, when I'll embarrass you (you know, when I'm doing it unintentionally).  It's possible to miss this you who's with me right now as I see the you who will be creeping in, which drives me to drink in every moment I can. 

Yes, I know that I'm nuts, and as much as you do, I also wish that I could turn all this off inside my head and just be as you do.  I can't.  I do, however, love you silly.  Always will; every bit of you.

All this to wish you well as you start kindergarten next week, a new adventure.  Fly, my little man, fly.  You are beautiful.

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