Thursday, July 26, 2012

it's good to have a plan

Aidan had previously thought that he'd like to have five jobs when he grows up (these are coincidental, not sequential):  soldier, builder, accountant, astronaut and zookeeper.  There's been a change to the plan (I'd like to add that none of this is prompted or provoked - the whole was one long dissertation).

When Aidan grows up, he will be twelve different types of scientist.  He's currently working on which twelve, but he's considering astronomy, biology, marine biology, zoology, entomology, gastronomy, microbology, etc.  The list keeps growing and all sound good to him.

He's worked out the schedule.  It'll be too overwhelming to try and fit all of these into a single work day, and he's concerned that he'll not be able to get much done.  Therefore, he'll assign one science to each day and work just on that one.  He'll work long days, but he would like a break from lunch each day.  He'll work through weekends, but he'll take Mondays off.  He'll work very, very hard, but the world will need him to study science.

You go, little man.

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