Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love those little ever-turning wheels!

Sometimes on weekends when Aidan calls out in the morning that he's awake, I tell him to crawl in with us and snuggle for a few minutes instead of going right downstairs.  There's a shot he'll go back to sleep and I might not have to get up at 7am.  I tried it this morning, and it worked for at least half an hour - victory! 

Our friends came to visit yesterday; their youngest is 7 months old.  I held him until he fell asleep on me, and what an amazing feeling!  I remembered and miss when Aidan was tiny and would fall asleep on my chest.  Mmmm.  So, when last night we were watching some TV and relaxing before bedtime, it was an extra special treat that he fell asleep on me.  Couldn't tell you the last time.

So, fell asleep on me last night, then again this morning snuggling all warm from sleep.  Heavenly.  Great way to wake up, too, today--his first words this morning were, "Bee starts with B."  Right, Aidan.  "So does blasting bomber."  Odd that there was no hello or anything, but to be fair, those words all do start with B. 

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