Friday, June 10, 2011

thankfully, the conference call was on mute

I took Aidan to work with me today; I really only needed to stop in for a few minutes, and I thought some people would enjoying meeting or seeing him. It worked out that I could just reserve an office for my conference call, and he watched a DVD while I took the call. Perfect.
Mid-call, he paused the DVD player and asked as a Croc'd foot came up to his face, "Mommy, can I smell my feet for a second?" "No, Aidan, put your feet down." "OK." Probably fifteen minutes later, the foot came up again, with a little hand reaching over to remove the sandal. "Mommy, it'll just be for a second; can't I smell my feet really quick?" "No, Aidan. Put your feet down."
Are other people having these conversations?

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