Monday, May 30, 2011

the birth of the "l"

My son doesn't "do" Ls. He "w's" them. "He-wo?" is what he says when he answers the phone. Strangely, we get the occasional L in Spanish - he'll sprinkle an "Hola" in with his "O-wa's."

Dad's been working with him to see whether he can do an actual L sound, and it turns out he can. He doesn't do it all the time yet, just sprinkles them in here and there. Today he said, "ladies." I knew he could; I wasn't worried. However, it saddens me just a little to hear his baby sounds disappearing. He's got a great vocabuwary and is very expressive, even with the "w's." I'm not a bad mom; just a wittow notstawgic.

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