Thursday, April 15, 2010

Swim lessons

The first lesson was Monday and was somewhat successful.  There are three tadpoles and two guppies (next class up), and those classes go at the same time.  He tried all of the things they wanted him to, even if tentatively.  He jumped in, as long as his face didn't go in the water, he kicked his legs, he made ice cream scoops with his hands - he was in it.  However, he did not react well when other children were kicking and he'd get splashed in the face.  Patience, his instructor who is clearly named in onomatopoeia, was great about distracting him with something new when he'd get upset and suggested that we bring his swim goggles to Wednesday's lessons. 

So we did.  Last night we went to the second lesson, Spidey goggles in hand (they work fashionably for many occasions).  Lesson is a half hour long.  It took my child 15 minutes to join the class.  He didn't want to.  He wanted to watch his friends.  Ugh.  Got a little better throughout the lesson, and by the end he didn't want to leave.  Figures.  It does make me glad, though, that we're doing these lessons - obviously, they're needed. 

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