Thursday, April 15, 2010

Message received - got it.

This busy season's been tough on our family, and we're really missing Steven.  A little man doesn't understand very well why he doesn't get to see Daddy.  In fact, today he popped out with, "Someday he's going to come home, but not today."  Ooh.

The other day when we were riding bikes, Aidan was asking what Daddy does at work.  After a little struggle of explaining a tax accountant to a person who really doesn't understand even what money is, I landed on, "He helps people with their money."  He liked that; being very into heroes, it struck a chord with him.  He told his grandma on the phone, "Daddy helps people - he helps with their money."  Perfect.

Today at school we were talking to one of the teachers about what her daddy does (policeman - very cool).  I asked Aidan to tell her what his daddy does.  "Everything."  I asked again.  "Everything."  I knew he had "helps people with their money" in his pocket, so I asked one more time.  "Everything.  Everything!  Are you hearing my words?  Everything." 

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