Friday, December 18, 2009

in a pear tree

A friend at a client told me this great story about when she was little. At Christmastime, during the twelve days of Christmas (which, she was quick to point out, begin Dec 13), every day a present would appear on the front porch for her and her brother. It was from a Secret Pal - nobody knew where it came from! It was something little - a pencil, some stickers, a candy bar. To this day, even though she's moved away from her home town, a big box full of presents for each day arrives just in time. She looks forward to it every year.

Well, an amazing thing is happening - now there are presents from a Secret Pal appearing on our front porch for Aidan every day. We don't know where they're coming from! The first day was a board book about the Twelve Days of Christmas. Since then, something small every day. This morning there was a Spider-man toothbrush! Very exciting.

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