Wednesday, December 16, 2009

he gets it, he gets it not

I've been trying to figure out whether Aidan "gets" Santa, Christmas and such. Last week his grandma had me tell him that Ike, their dog, was waiting for Santa. He said, "Ike wants Santa to come? He wants presents? He wants bones?" I thought to myself, "he gets it."

I asked him if he was excited for Santa to come. He said yes, and I asked what he wanted. "Presents." "What kind?" "Yellow with strawberries." "Strawberries you eat?" "Yeah." He gets it not.

This week we talked about it again as we were getting presents for our Adopt-a-Family family (I'm in on a group with my client to help another family have a Christmas.) As though a light went off, he said, "They need help to get presents."
"We have to help them because they need help."
"That's right, Aidan. We're very lucky."
"They want toys." He gets it!
"Yes, Aidan - what do you want?"
"Presents." "What kind of presents?"
"Toys." "What toys?"
He gets it not.

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