Friday, November 20, 2009

Sucker punch

In case I've been feeling a little big for my britches (no reference to Aidan's comment about my big bottom), how bad is this? I went maternity clothes shopping with my sister, and the girl at the shop asked if this would be my first grandbaby. My son's two! Granted, I could be a grandmother, but I would've conceived my sis at age 8. Ew. Also granted, she looks very, very young for her age, but to be her mom, I'd have to be an age that, while very acceptable to be is not acceptable for me to look, yet.

I told my hubby about it, and he asked if I punched her in the face. He was kinda mad. I love him!

My look of horror made her realize her error. She swears she heard my sis call me, "Mom." It's possible that she started a sentence with Mom, because we do talk about our mom. It's possible. It did feel a little like a sucker punch, though.


Susan said...

You still look exactly like when I met you. Except even more beautiful.

Ambley said...

and that's why I love you so much. OK, that's not really why, but that sure cements it!!