Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One more project

In the wake of the incredibly successful "Making-a-book-of-our-day-at-the-park" project, I'm now entering production on "making-a-binder-of-the-first-year-at-school." It's kind of cool - I have all of his daily sheets, most of which have pretty detailed descriptions of what he did that day and what types of things he was learning. They're organized by date, and I've got all of the pictures that they sent home, too. I'm putting it together in a book that I'll be able to use in lieu of any type of baby book I might have thought I would've made in the recent past (or near future). How could a woman who still hasn't finished her brother's wedding quilt in the month of his fifth anniversary (it's together, just not quilted) think she would pull this off? One can only imagine!

The transition to the new room has been a little bumpy, but made better by the fact that all of his friends have moved up with him. He's especially close to Nora right now, so her dimples and hugs are really helping him along! He's been a little clingy when I try to drop him off, but if I hide in the hallway just past their door (so I can hear him but he doesn't know I'm there), I know that he finishes the crying within seconds, just like they said he would. We've had to sign a couple of incident reports for his biting (ugh!), but I believe that's slowing down now to only when he's very, very excited or very, very tired. (please?) The teachers really are wonderful, and are the kind of women who, in the midst of complete chaos (their oldest isn't even two) are laughing and having fun with the children, and still teaching them things. Bless them all!

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