Thursday, August 21, 2008

new room

Aidan's in a new room at school. The good news is that all of his friends moved up with him; the bad news is that his teachers didn't. I'm sure the teachers in the new room are just wonderful - they seem so, patient and fun-loving all. They're just not Kathy and Keely (especially Kathy & Keely), who loved him from when he was just tiny and know him so well.

We're one week in, and I've signed two incident reports for Aidan's biting other children. Ugh. I have a bruise on my arm for same; we're working on it. He does it as much when he's excited as when mad, and they assure me it's developmental and that he'll get through it. My hubby says we should invest in one of those Hannibal Lecter masks so that he can't bite anymore. I'm tempted.

He's having a little trouble with being dropped off which is unusual for him, but usually when he sees that his friends are there, he's just fine. This morning beautiful Nora with her dimples and pigtail on top of her head reached out to him as he struggled; I love her. They have news toys out every week, a schedule (like herding cats, as far as I can tell), and less stringent rules (to the extent that tiny people can have fewer rules). They go to the muscle room and the playground more, and they still get to do cool art projects. My boy loves to sing and dance, and they do lots of that, too. It's going to be alright, I just know it. I still miss Kathy, Keely, Sarah, Robin and Stacey though.

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