Monday, July 28, 2008


My boy loves fruit like no child I know. If I fed him nothing but fruit, I'm sure he would love me even more than he does, or at least be happier with me.

He's learning a few words - we've added "hot," "doggie," and a version of "tree" to our repertoire. This morning after he finished his waffle, I asked him if he'd like some berries. "Berries!" he yelled. Fast forward to tonight and dinner of dino-nuggets. Every minute or two, he'd look at his nuggets, which he likes, and yell, "Berries!" Hey - at least he has an opinion and know what he wants.

On the other front, more hitting and biting. I don't know why; he can be as happy as a clam, and then you can see him get an idea and hit me. He has a consistent sound he makes when he hits, so at least I have warning about that. There is no warning when he goes in for a kiss and bites a chunk out of my face. Okay, he hasn't actually bitten a chunk out of my face, but it sure feels like it. His teacher says that he was very loving and gentle with a baby doll at school today, so it seems as though for now the hitting and biting is directed principally toward me. Why am I the lucky one?

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