Thursday, July 24, 2008


Does anyone else do this?

Every time I start a new endeavor, especially at work, I'm nervously optimistic at first. Then, as I get underway, I get a little overwhelmed at accomplishing my mission and fear that at any moment everyone will discover that I'm a complete phony. This inevitably disintegrates into some level of meltdown in which I confess to a confidant, normally my husband, that I'm way too stupid for my job, whatever that may be. He then reassures me that I always think this and that I always do well. I thank him but secretly know that he's biased because he loves me and that this time I'm really in over my head. It's different this time. He gives me steps to think about, "tomorrow, you're going to go in with a great attitude, take little steps and set realistic expectations."

So, at New Client, NC, I've already been through the cycle, and I'm now feeling much better about things. I saw it coming this time, and I warned my lovely and patient hubby about it. Unfortunately, he took an illtimed business trip and was gone during the melancholy semi-meltdown. Unfortunate. We're on a good road now, full speed ahead.

Honestly, I even see it coming and I still fall for it. I'm 40 in a few weeks - when will I get it? I mean, really get it and avoid it, as opposed to falling for it again?


Susan said...

Yes. I would say more but would just be repeating what you wrote. Maybe we should call each other when husbands are out of town.

Ambley said...

That's not a bad idea at all!

You can do anything and, I'm thinking, be great at it! Why is it so much clearer for other people and hard to see for ourselves?