Tuesday, March 20, 2012

one down

I ran a 5k on Saturday - I didn't walk it, and I sprinted the end.  I've never run a race before.  I was completely surprised when I was tempted to try it.  Lara spoke of how fun a race was, and traditionally my thought about running has been something akin to, "running is for people who are being chased."  For some reason, though, I was tempted.

Despite the fact that I've been busier this winter than normal, which is saying something, I completed a "couch to 5k" program that had me running three times a week, first 90 seconds at a time and then more until I ran outside last week.  I really like it?  I mean, I really like it!

I still have an issue of getting going.  It's hard to get myself to get out there and run, but I'm always so happy I did.  I'm a little afraid that without a goal (read, "race") I won't be able to keep going, even though I know it's best for me to do it.  I'll sign up for a 10k in June in hopes that that keeps me going (note that this week I haven't been out at all - ugh - training for the 10k starts April 15.  Sure, I'm not feeling well and my hubby's working late, but could I find a way to make it work?  Sure...).

However, I ran my first 5k!  I had a real number and results and everything!  Good start.

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