Thursday, October 27, 2011


I find my son's taste in music hilarious.  On any given day if you ask him his favorite song, he might name "Old Time Rock and Roll" and "The Little Sister Song," ("White Wedding"), or "Bennie & the Jets" or any one of a number of old Michael Jackson tunes.  Then again, he's really into Maroon 5 lately - loves "Moves Like Jagger" and others.  Also loves CeeLo Green, and Lady GaGa's a fave too.

I didn't think I'd have to put on the pop stations for a four-year-old, or that he'd somehow know the lyrics to pop songs.  Of course, I didn't think I'd have to put pop music on for my husband to car dance to either, but that's another story.  On the bright side, he's getting much, much better at finding the melody line of a song--very encouraging to the musician in his mommy.  On the not-as-bright side, I'm becoming way to familiar with pop music.  Waayyy to familiar.

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