Monday, July 11, 2011

faves from last night

Coming home from dinner last night, Aidan did NOT want to take a shower or bath. Steven and I had different favorite quotes from our discussion about bathtime (should people really have to discuss whether or not bathtime will occur?).

I had given Aidan the choice between a shower or a bath. ("I do not want a shower OR a bath.") Steven told him that he needed to choose, or Steven would choose for him. Steven's choice would be a shower, and for good measure, Steven mentioned that he'd throw A in before it warmed up, and the water would be cold. Steven's favorite line from last night: "If you do that, I will FREAK OUT!"

Trying to ease the pain and bring things down a level, S then mentioned that after a bath or shower, he'd smell really nice - his hair would even smell nice. My favorite line from last night: "If you make me take a bath and my hair smells nice, I will fart so that it stays stinky!"

Let it not be said that he didn't go down swinging!

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