Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Character study from The Little Mermaid

"Why Ariel's daddy is not nice?"

"He's nice, Aidan. Ariel doesn't follow his rules, and he wants to keep her safe."
"Why he thinks she isn't safe?"
"He thinks it's dangerous out of the water."
"Ariel doesn't think so. He should listen to her words."

"Mommy, why Ursula is not nice?"
"Why do you think, Aidan?"
"Maybe somebody pushed her and she didn't like that."

"Ursula is not nice.  She should say sorry and listen to her mommy.  Maybe she needs to sit on the stairs."

"Why King Triton breaks Ariel's office?
She didn't listen to his rules.  She needs to follow her daddy's rules.
He shouldn't break her things, though, Mommy - that's not nice."

The amount of pondering on The Little Mermaid is pretty impressive.

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