Sunday, February 17, 2008

how do you know that?

Connections - that's the theme at our house right now. In the last week, I've seen Aidan do the following: grab brushes from under the sink and "brush" my and his hair. Hold a play or real phone up to his ear. Play at lying down on pillows to sleep. Use his toothbrush the way a toothbrush is meant to be used. Drink from a straw on the first try. Throw a ball to play catch. Put lids on and off jars and tubes of things. Walk toward something he's not allowed to touch and shake his head, "no." Be ready for his first pair of "real" shoes (and flirt shamelessly with the salesgirl.)

While I'm certain that all of this didn't really happen in a week, that it just seems so, it sure does seem so. My little tiny love is walking, and he notices. He notices just about everything. His love for games is getting more interactive and pronounced. In fact, my friend Lesley wrote the other day and said, "Congratulations - you've got a mobile toddler!" Toddler? I'd love to disagree, but it really does seem so. Is it time for that yet? Are you sure?

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